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Real People. Real Savings. Real Pharmacy. Before you call, plan to spend 20—30 minutes and be prepared to answer questions such as:. Find out who your manufacturer is by checking the company logo on your insulin vial or pen, and call using the numbers provided below.

Lilly Diabetes Solution Center Novo Nordisk Diabetes Care Find financial assistance and patient access support for Novo Nordisk products in the US. Sanofi Patient Assistance Program Sanofi provides unprecedented access to its insulins for one set monthly price. Want local support?

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Find a community health clinic or pharmacy in your area that may offer free or low-cost services and medications. If you have health insurance, be sure to ask if the discount program will interact with your coverage.

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The American Diabetes Association ADA recognizes that affordable access to insulin is a matter of life and death, every day for more than 7. Human insulin formulations include long-acting insulins like NPH, which has a duration of hours, or regular insulin, which has a much quicker onset, as little as 30 minutes, and shorter duration. In select patients with proper monitoring, human insulin may be an option for those who struggle with affording their medications.

In our white paper , published in Diabetes Care, we acknowledge that prescribing patterns have favored newer, more expensive insulins, and acknowledge that human insulin may be an appropriate alternative to more expensive analog insulins for some people with diabetes.

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If you're struggling with the cost of insulin, you're not alone. Be sure to talk to your healthcare team to learn about your options.

Visit diabetes. Get Immediate Help From Your Insulin Manufacturer There are three insulin manufacturers who offer immediate assistance and long-term solutions. Dosage How much insulin you have on-hand Type of insurance private, commercial Amount of deductible Whether you are a U.